Malinda Lo’s List of LGBTQ2-Inclusive YA for 2013

It’s often been hard to find YA science fiction and fantasy with LGBT characters, but this year there’s been something of an explosion of SF/F with LGBT characters. By “explosion” I mean I’ve found 10 novels of SF/F with LGBT main characters published by mainstream publishers. I haven’t been keeping track of SF/F LGBT YA over the years, but it seems to me that this is definitely an increase.

— Malinda Lo
“LGBT Young Adult Science Fiction & Fantasy in 2013”

Among them is her own recent release, Inheritance, and it looks great!

You can find her full post here: go there for the list and links to the authors. I’m gonna check out these reads, and I encourage you to do the same; let the publishers know we’d like to see more of the same!


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