After Everything, a spoken word poetry album, is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

Fallen/Forever Rising, Tessara’s first collection of poetry is available for purchase from Mourning Glory Publishing and Amazon.

New poetry appears on Tessara’s Patreon.

Tessara’s poetry has appeared:
postcards to nowhereWrite Like your Alive 2016 anthology

SirensWordgathering vol 10.3

some days it seems like all we can do with our lives is lose themWords Dance Publishing

Blood Lines on the Tattoosday blog

Tessara has shared poetry several places online:
that’s the spell” on the blog and Soundcloud

Existentialism” on the blog, Instagram, and Soundcloud

Untitled (Spine Poem)” on the blog

Ain’t I a Woman” on Tumblr

Empty” on the blog

For the Well-Meaning White Organisers” on Facebook

Forever Rising” on the blog

Mourning for the Living and the Dead” on the blog

Shot” on Facebook

Value” on Tumblr

Happy Birthday” on the blog


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