Welcome to the Tea Party: My Fantasy Guest List

A while back, michellecole at the Tipsy Geekette wrote about her ultimate tea party invite list; that is, if she could invite any person to a tea party, who would it be?

It got me thinking about who I would invite to such a party. My list is a bit more modest than hers—I make no claims to “the most amazing tea party in the history of tea parties”—but I think that it could at least be a good time for all involved. So here is who I would invite to a time-travelling tea party that includes folks from the last 200 years:

The first person to pop into my head was the lovely and talented Audrey Hepburn.


A dancer during World War II, she smuggled intelligence across Nazi lines for the French Resistance, and then went on to have an impressive career in film. She could sing, dance, and act, and she was an amazing humanitarian; I’m pretty sure she could keep the conversation going.


Then I thought I’d love to sit down to tea with Jane Austen.


She was the author of some of my favourite books (I adore Persuasion), and her wit and cutting remarks would surely liven things up!


Next on my list is James Baldwin.
James Baldwin
I recently finished reading Go Tell It on the Mountain, and loved it!


I would absolutely love the chance to spend some time with Janelle Monae; her music inspires me. And have you seen the music video for Electric Lady? I couldn’t stop watching it when it dropped! ♥


With a loving heart and quirky sense of humour, she would get along with the other attendees and bring her own special spin to things.


One of my favourite authors growing up was Tamora Pierce. I loved her complex female heroes, her casual inclusion of LGBTQ characters, and the rich, varied fantasy settings.


 I’m sure she would bring compelling conversation and a welcoming, supportive air to the party.


My other favourite childhood author was Sir Terry Pratchett. Upon graduating to the grown-up books, I picked out his The Light Fantastic based on cover art alone, and I’ve never regretted it.


With his quirky, fun sense of humour, Sir Terry would surely keep us all laughing, and his casual badassery would be a great conversation starter. (How many other authors—or knights, for that matter—have crafted themselves a sword out of a meteorite?)


And, last but certainly not least, I would love to invite President Barack Obama.


I feel like he would be a great, down-to-earth addition, who could talk politics and also kick back and discuss literature and family.


Bonus: here‘s the video for Electric Lady; watch it. Seriously, do it.

If you could invite anyone to a tea party, who would it be?