Launching the Good Ship Lollipop?

A new blog: crisp and clean and blank. How exhilarating!

How terrifying.

I’ve come out of NaNoWriMo 2013 with a big old pile of words, roughly assembled in a working document. Now, edits and revision will take over the bulk of my time. I’m participating in’s all new Wrimo Accelerator, which means once I’ve got the last two or three scenes written in, I can send it to them for review. I’ve got a beta reader lined up after that, and the month of December to take feedback and start the second draft.

I may have to change from third person to first. I may have to change from past to present tense. I may have to replace or combine or do away with characters. I almost certainly have to drop or overhaul the snippets of myth interspersed in the narrative. So much may change before I’m done with revisions, and some of that process may spill over onto this blog.

Ideally, I’ll be updating here once a week. I want to get a post up each Wednesday morning. Topics will range all over the place, I’m sure — next week you can read about why I think diversity in YA matters.

Until next time,