Groundhog Day 2015 Resolutions: October Check-In

I’m taking 16 credits this term, and the classes are all brilliant, but the workload’s a bit much already. Then, I spent several days helping a friend in crisis, and struggling to both make time to study and support my friend. On top of that, I got a cold last weekend! But I’m keeping on as best I can. I’m trying to stay up on my schoolwork, since I’m in Seattle for the Social Justice Fund dinner; I’m representing Black Lives Matter Portland, as we’re a recent grantee of the organization. Trying to take care of myself and manage my stress, which is the thing I seem to struggle the most with…

(This month’s Groundhog Day Resolution Review is below the cut.)


  1. Make regular money from writing
    • Subgoal: Small press solvency
  2. Schedule self-care and practice self-love
  3. Solidify my graduate degree path, and apply to grad school

Month in Review:

What worked? What didn’t?
1) This has been on the backburner because of school. I have sent some pitches out, and I’ve been sending poems out every week or so. Getting lots of rejections and non-responses on both pitches and poems, but I’m going to keep trying. I’ve also been doing more speaking and being on panels and such, and less writing. I revised my study schedule to plan more.

•) Subgoal: This has largely stalled because of school. Still working on the next book MGP will be putting out. I’ve been asking around, looking for mentors, and getting hooked up with connections to get advice on how to move forward.

2) Getting sick made me prioritize and streamline my expectations for myself. I have been doing my best to stay on top of my class work while taking time to have soup and take cold meds and get to bed on time and so on. Sleep schedule is finally mostly fixed. Self-care became a priority, and I revised my expectations to study smarter, not harder. I also got a rolling backpack and splurged on high quality shoes, which has helped remove a lot of my pain and fatigue, though not all of it, of course. Sleep + rolling bag + good shoes + realistic study schedule = so far so good.

3) I’ve narrowed my choices and options for schools to apply to for grad school. I’m looking at either a MA in Publishing (possibly with an MFA dual enrollment option) or a MA in History. Currently looking at Portland State, Oregon State, and University of Florida.

Planning the Next Month:

What am I working on going forward?
1) I am searching for grants and I need to send in apps to a couple that I’ve identified. As ever, I need to send out more pitches. I’m booked to read a couple different places in the next few months as well, and those are great venues both for selling books and networking with folks.

•) Subgoal: I’m (still) working on a marketing plan and I will be taking some books to be sold at Powell’s City of Books when I’m back in Portland. MGP is planned to be the beneficiary for a local fundraising event (more on that when plans are solidified).

2) I’m gonna keep on this meds, eating regularly, getting enough sleep kick as much as I can, and hopefully that helps me not freak out this term.

3) I’m gonna start pulling together application materials, create timelines for scholarship apps, grad school apps, and the financial aid app. Hopefully, that happens this month, and then I can start those processes in early November.


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2 thoughts on “Groundhog Day 2015 Resolutions: October Check-In

    1. I’m trying to minimize my stress. I’ve created a pretty intense centralized binder of all my notes, assignments, and due dates, and it’s been working for me as long as I remember to check things regularly and make sure I’m on track. Midterms seem to have come on a bit early, but I’m finally on track, I think. Going to try and take a break on Saturday, and managed to run some errands to declutter my place the other day, so I’m feeling a little better. Thanks!

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